Bleaching gallery

An unexpected focus of our expedition to Dongsha Atoll has become the coral bleaching event taking place on the reef flat. Some of our observations of the bleaching event are described in detail in blog posts on the home page. Bleaching most likely occurred as a result of 4-5°C warming over just two weeks. This page serves as a gallery of pictures that we have taken on the reef to document bleaching during our expedition.

June 24: Multiple genera still bleached in the lagoon.
June 24: Not recovered everywhere. Corals in the lagoon
are still bleached.
June 17: Recovery! The same coral that we saw bleached
on May 26 has recovered, notice the green color.
June 6: Partial mortality
June 6: The lower portion of this colony is bleached, the top 
portion is dead and covered with algae (the outlines of corallites 
are still visible, suggesting recent mortality), and only a small 
portion of living and unbleached coral remains.
June 6: Some of this colony is still alive and unbleached,
while the rest of the colony is recently dead and covered 
with algae.
June 6: Tri-color coral. From left to right: living coral, 
living coral that is bleached, recently dead coral beginning
to be covered by algae.
June 6: More species beginning to bleach.
June 6: Beached, but not dead. Bleached Porites polyps
extending tentacles in search of food 
June 3: Bleaching in branching coral
June 3: First signs of bleaching in genera other than Porites
June 3: First signs of coral mortality: a recently dead Porites 
colony beginning to be covered with algae
June 2: No bleaching on the forereef
Another coral that began bleaching between May 26 and
June 1
June 1: Onset of bleaching in a colony that was not
bleached on May 26
May 31: A huge colony bleaching, partially covered by mucus
Living coral polyps are visible underneath shedding mucus
A mucus layer shedding off a massive Porites colony
More Porites bleached by May 30, first observe mucus
layers shedding off coral colonies
Bleaching first observed on May 26, 2014

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