Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weather Days

A tough team waits out a squall on the tower to finish
preparing the RAS to go back in the water.
Enjoying a windy (and wet!) bike ride down
the Dongsha Airport Runway
Anyone who does much field work will tell you that for any field expedition it is important to plan some time for bad weather, or some “weather days”.   Well, we’re using some of our weather days now!  The last few days have brought higher winds, rough seas, and rain.  We are all eager to get back out on the water to download data, check on instruments, and survey the bleaching, but until the weather turns around we are stuck in the lab – which leaves some time for preliminary data analysis, catching up on email, and bike rides down the runway!
Fresh mango - a.k.a. "heaven"!
 During this time we were also fortunate to meet some other researchers from the National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, visiting Dongsha Atoll.  We enjoyed learning from them about their work on the reef and were very grateful for the fresh mango and bananas they shared with us.  Fresh fruit is a rare treat on Dongsha! 

- Kristen Davis
Coastal Dynamics Lab
University of California, Irvine

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